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Brument Donation

In 2010, Mrs Brument, the great-granddaughter of Léon de Vesly, and her husband donated 31 items to the museum, all of which came from excavations carried out by her great-grandfather at the “fana” (plural of fanum), or Small Gallo-Roman temples, in Criquebeuf-sur-Seine and Buis in 1896-1897.

The collection, which was made up of metallic and ceramic items, was recovered by the donors in a trunk and stored in the attic of the family home in 1976.

Interesting facts about this donation:

- The furniture was uncovered by Léon de Vesly, who was the director of the Museum of Antiquities for 15 years between 1905 and 1920.
- The objects found during De Vesly’s excavations within the region were most often donated to the museum.
- With regard to the Criquebeuf excavations, a Roman foot donated by De Vesly is already recorded in the museum’s collections.
- The collection has the distinction of being published and supplemented by the excavations book and De Vesly’s archives held by the museum.
- The collection is representative of both the elements traditionally deposited within the deposit areas of the Gallo-Roman fana and their condition: deliberately broken items.
- The uniqueness of the sacrificial knife uncovered during the excavations of the fanum in Buis.